Max Osiris

cryptoart . ai . psychedelics

I’m a cryptoartist, often cited as one of the first cultural pioneers of the modern NFT art movement. 

I started minting in August 2018 on SuperRare and Rare Art Labs & organized the first Crypto Art Show in downtown LA in 2019. Since then I’ve been featured in dozens of art shows around the world and have been mired in controversy for refusing to play  by the traditional art rules.

The majority of my works are listen on SuperRare, which you can click on below to see my latest mints:


The vast majority of my works have been collected and are only available via the secondary market. The best viewport for my art is likely where you can view collections across platforms, look up collectors, and see what was sold and when. There’s also a (very incomplete) list of sold artworks at

Additionally you can view some of my selected art works, inspired by my Paris solo art show at Avant Galerie Vossen in 2023 in this VR space created by Elated Pixel 👇 



Thanks for visiting. I’m revamping the website as we speak to further contextualize my artistic journey. Meanwhile, you can find me on Twitter or the following galleries / marketplaces: