#CryptoArtShow LA 19 Photos

#CryptoArtShow LA 19 Photos

What a fxkin blast that was! Wow. Wow. Wow. I got some shots of the gallery right before the show…

… about 250-300 people came through. a lot of Centians. A very diverse crowd – people who are in crypto – people who have never heard of crypto. We had a live CryptoVoxels tour. TMFA came by…

There’s a lot to cover and I think the best coverage of the event was done via the Instagram live stream which was really fun to film because I could swap out all the new AR effects live so it created for a very trippy visual experience.

I guess next time you’ll have to either come to the show or see it live via Instagram 😉

I may do a better recap on a podcast or radio show. I find it a lot easier to talk about than to write right now. (If you have a podcast or radio show, hmu.)

This movement is still very underground and I really appreciate that about it. Artists helping artists. MASSIVE shoutouts and thank yous to all the artists involved – Calen Blake for hosting – Martin, Brekkie, Lucho, Coldie for setting it all up – and especially Sparrow and Alotta for their online / cryptovoxels creations!!!!

Max Osiris