Crying for a Dream. Part 1.

Crying for a Dream. Part 1.

Just woke up. Crying, sobbing, As deep as I can imagine, from inside my dream.

Walked to my laptop.

Woke up again. Not as intense a cry as I thought. Tears mostly dried by now. But I can’t shake the intensity of what the dream was about. What it means. What my recent experiences have been. In real life. And online. With the art shows, the art world, and the way I’ve seen art being treated. With the way I have been treated. With the way it is. How it’s accepted. What we accept . What we do.

Working title: “Hella naked dudes at some about to be gallery show that I was about to leave.”

I’m going to get some coffee. Take a walk. Have a cigarette. Come back, and continue writing. As honestly as I can, with shaky fingers…


ok, I’m back.

honestly, there’s soo much to say… i need to spit this on a show or something…
and make art about it… it has a better upload bandwidth pipe into your cranium…

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