“Thank GØD for Andre 3K, $LUTS, and Dimethyltriptamine…”

“Thank GØD for Andre 3K, $LUTS, and Dimethyltriptamine…”

This is a re/creation/re-imagination of a piece of art I made in 2019. I had been living on the streets of Venice, CA and my only constant possession was a series of drawings I had with me in a plastic bag.

I was waking with a friend past a cafe right on the beach and I saw Andre 3000 sitting there having lunch with a friend. I don’t get starstruck and leave pretty much all the celebrities I meet alone, but Andre 3K is different. The guy is the epitome of artistic genius. The moment I saw him I said I wanna give this guy some art as a thank you for being a true artist, through and through.

I reached into my bag and flipped through my drawings, and the third one down was one I had just made a few days before while at a coffee shop. It began with the words “thank God for Andre 3K, $LUTS, and Dimethyltriptamine…” BOOM… serendipity.

I walked over and gave him a heartfelt thank you, to which he was surprisingly very gracious and very cool (cooler than a polar bear’s toenails). His music had really inspired me for decades so I was very happy to share some of my art with him. He commented that liked the “$” instead of “S’s” in the type, and asked me if he could keep the piece, which I was more than happy to gift him. I gave him the artwork and dipped out, and recreated this NFT as a tribute to it. I wish I could remember what the rest of it said, and if he hung on to it, perhaps one day we’ll know…

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