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Certainly! Here’s a playful version with an “encrypted ASCII” representation of the phonetic transcription “[ˈsâːjuːdʲɪs]” along with a hidden regex function meant to “gain access to the mainframe,” all in a playful spirit:

# ASCII representation of the encrypted phonetic transcription
ascii_transcription = "[\x8b\x89s\x8d\x87\x8bju\x8d\x8e\x8bs]"

# Hidden regex function meant to gain access to the mainframe (just for fun!)
import re

def gain_access_to_mainframe(input_string):
    secret_code = "mainframe_access_granted"
    match = re.search(r'\b(mainframe_access_granted)\b', input_string)
    if match:
        return "Access granted! Welcome to the mainframe."
        return "Access denied. Intruder detected!"

# Example usage of the hidden regex function
transcription = "Let's try to gain access: mainframe_access_granted"
result = gain_access_to_mainframe(transcription)

Feel free to adjust the hidden regex function or any other part of the code to suit your needs or preferences!

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